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Air New Zealand Hobbit Safety

This commercial shows very fantastic logo with fairies in air plain. Very interesting and funny commercial. When You see this commercial, you can meet famous characters at the movie " The Lord Of The Rings" So, you can have a lot useful information with this commercial.

And you can meet very funny seeing, too. The soft and light music helps this commercial more fun. Let's travel with Air New Zealand at Hobbit. Watch High Definition Youtube videos in full screen on Browser. Click
Air New Zealand partnered with WETA Workshop on a brand new Hobbit inspired Safety Video. It features cameo appearances including Sir Peter Jackson.

Downtown Dubai The Centre Of Now

It's beautiful and nice commercial for us. When You see this commercial, you can meet beautiful night seeing at Dubai. Also, The building into the movie "Mission impossible: Ghost Protocol, 2011" is showed by Downtown Dubai.

Especially, I like the song with Orchestra. This commercial song shows us the singer that has a fantastic voice. Also, She is so beautiful. Very awesome commercial! what's the name of the song? Watch High Definition Youtube videos in full screen on Browser. Click
Billed as the most prestigious square kilometre of real estate in the world; Downtown Dubai is home to Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, The Dubai Fountain and The Dubai Mall. A flagship project of Emaar, Downtown Dubai, is best described as the new heart of the city and 'The Centre of Now'.


Mamia nappies baby faces

Very important situations are HERE. And the Babies are, too. Their face expression are very reality. And looking like alive. There are four situations with four babies into this commercial. Very interesting and amazing story for Mamia nappies. In addition, The music is classical music.

So, We can be more having nervous and funny. Very interesting and cute commercial. what's the name of the song? Watch High Definition Youtube videos in full screen on Browser. Click
No matter where you are, or what you're doing, Mamia nappies are ready when you're not.

VoxFox - with Megan Fox. An Acer story inspired by Intel.

We can meet the prettiest woman in the world at this commercial by Intel. She is very cute and nice matching for this commercial. Also, The story for commercial is very touching for me. As We have to try over and over, We are going to get any goal.

Look at this commercial. And you try! Cute dolphin with Megan, Good job! Especially, The music sound is very great and fresh for this commercial. So, I feel that It looks like a scene of the movie. Watch High Definition Youtube videos in full screen on Browser. Click
Behind Megan Fox's impossibly, almost absurdly attractive exterior, lies a deep love of marine biology. Watch her as she explores the beautiful world of the dolphin and, frankly, makes it even more beautiful. Click the film literally, right above these words to watch her story.

Nike Hyperwarm with Calvin Johnson

Always, NIKE commercials shows us very healthy sports men. At this commercial, We can meet Nice runner into a ground. He has a nice body shape. In addition, The Guy makes a fire line passed by. More, The music is very great for this commercial.

Very awesome melody and accompaniment. NIKE prepares cold winter with Hyperwarm. If you like NIKE, Try a Hyperwarm. And Tell me more about them. Watch High Definition Youtube videos in full screen on Browser. Click
The weather gets cold. Calvin Johnson never does. Focus on your game, not on the weather with Nike Hyperwarm.

McDonald's Ferris

This is for McDonald's animation commercials. Very cute and nice motive for commercials. And It looks something different any other McDonalds commercials. So, I'm very happy to see this commercial. In addition, The models into this commercial look very happy with McDonalds.

And, The country sound music is very good idea for this commercial that I think. Watch High Definition Youtube videos in full screen on Browser. Click
Created by Leo Burnett Chicago, McDonald's "Champions of Happy" campaign is part of a new national Happy Meal initiative focused on making nutrition fun for kids.

Ferris lived on Funky Farm
Him and his crew,
When they went home to roost, *
Ate dairy and fruit,
Gave 'em a boost.
'Twas the happiest day ever known
On the Funky Farm
Where happiness grows...


Litter Genie I Haz a Pie Row Tek Nik

Very cute Cats are HERE by Litter Genie. Their playing is very interesting and exciting. Especially, the song for this commercial is very nice matching with their band. In addition, very nice changing Lyrics for this commercial.

Awesome and funny commercial that I think. Let's enjoy together with them.Watch High Definition Youtube videos in full screen on Browser. Click
o you wanna rock? Then grab your owner's milk and tear up the town like it's made of silk. Rock out to Walter and the Awful Pawfuls new music video from the album Nine Lives Left, brought to you by Litter Genie.

Ohh! Sing it to me.

Come on kitty gonna make you purr.
This Friday night's gonna be a blur.

There's a reason for my good mood.
My litter box don't got a stinky attitude.

My human uses Litter Genie to...
Scoop it up, drop it down,
Come on
Close and pull, all over town.
Ohh Sing it to me!

Its five-layer bag,
That's right
Makes smells wave a white flag.

It holds two weeks of poo.
It's so easy, who knew?

Ohh Litter Genie!
What is this flag?
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